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“Atkins reads Peirce as one would imagine he would like to be read…”, and other thoughts about (Atkins 2016)

My review of Richard K. Atkins's Peirce and the Conduct of Life:  Sentiment and Instinct in Ethics and Religion posted today to NDPR. In writing it, I discovered just how hard it is to distill one's engagement with a book... Continue Reading →

Pragmatism in the 21st Century at the CPA!

The CPA is almost here!  If you'll be at the CPA, you should come to our panel - Pragmatism in the 21st Century, which will be Monday May 29th from 9:00 - 12:30 and features an awesome line-up (and also... Continue Reading →

Work & Blog Update

Our first co-authored piece came out recently, and we've got more joint projects in the works.  Here's what lies ahead for us in 2017: We are co-organizing a panel for this year's meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association at Congress... Continue Reading →

The Eastern, ahoy!

Is it the year we blog more??? Who could say? But it IS the year we both give talks at the Eastern, coming up this week in Baltimore.  Pragmatism for all! DH will be giving a talk for the Santayana... Continue Reading →

Firstness things First: 1.300-1.305

Chapter 2: "The Categories in Detail"! First up is...well, obviously, Firstness. With regard to Firstness, and all of the categories, we can ask: where do they come from?  The list of such categories "is a table of conceptions drawn from... Continue Reading →

If Peirce’s philosophy could resuscitate Hegel…

Surely we can resuscitate our own blog? Well, we're going to try.  In the meantime, we made you some things! KB made this and this and this.  DH made this and this.  Comments welcome! The next thing we will make:... Continue Reading →

2016! The Categories! The Eastern!

2016, ahoy hoy! Here's - dare I say it in philosophical company? - a fact: we are pretty bad at blogging between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.  We think we're going to do it, and then the grading tsunami washes over... Continue Reading →

The categories, ahoy!

What's that on the horizon?  Looks like a triad; contains substantive philosophical claims; haecceity, brute force, interpretation...gasp!  The categories!  For all y'all who wonder how someone who thinks metaphysics is 'scrofulous' can pronounce categories, this book promises answers.  Given from... Continue Reading →

Super Spiral Update!

So, after DH noted that Peirce never actually plotted the spirals that he provided equations for in 1.276 and thought were very important for us to study, I decided to plot them myself. And then I realized: I have no... Continue Reading →

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