Our first co-authored piece came out recently, and we’ve got more joint projects in the works.  Here’s what lies ahead for us in 2017:

  • We are co-organizing a panel for this year’s meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association at Congress 2017, hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto.  The panel is called “Pragmatism in the 21st Century”, and we’re very excited to be working with a trio of awesome colleagues: Shannon Dea, Pierre-Luc Dostie-Proulx, and Andrew Howat.  That’s coming up at the end of May.  We’ll post more details as we pin them down.
  • We are writing a paper on Peirce’s view of common sense.  Early stages*, but we’re into it!  (*Unless you’re our editors, in which case it is nearing completion and virtually bullet-proof.)
  • We have made some changes to our blog to include links to our shared & solo Peirce publications, as well as news about where we’ll be giving papers, projects as they come together, and other such like.
  • We will continue with our original Peirce Pages project (reading the Collected Papers a page at a time), whenever we can steal time from other projects.  It continues to be a lot of fun, even though it’s real slow – in addition to our shared Peirce projects, each of us has solo stuff on the go as well.  We love to hear comments from readers about the Pages when we *do* get our act together, so please feel welcome to chime in.

Thanks for following along!

– Diana & Ken