The CPA is almost here!  If you’ll be at the CPA, you should come to our panel – Pragmatism in the 21st Century, which will be Monday May 29th from 9:00 – 12:30 and features an awesome line-up (and also us):

Andrew Howat is up first at 9:10, giving his paper Must Pragmatists be Doxastic Voluntarists?/Les pragmatiques doivent-ils être des volontaires doxastiques?

We’ll be on at 9:50, giving a version of our working paper Peirce on Instinct, Intuition, & Common Sense/Peirce sur l’instinct, l’intuition, et le sens commun.

There will be a mid-session break, because we’re civilized people.  (And would fall down without coffee refills.)

Pierre-Luc Dostie-Proulx will be on at 10:40, presenting en français: Évaluation et philosophie sociale: l’approche de John Dewey/Evaluation and social philosophy: the method of John Dewey.

Shannon Dea will give the final talk at 11:20, with her Pragmatism from Margins to Center/Le pragmatism de la marge au centre.

At 12:00, the wild rumpus begins and we will invite our audience to join us in open discussion/discussion en plénière for the final thirty minutes.

If we were a comic book villain, our known weakness would be blogging regularly.  But our hidden super power could be organizing panels!  This one is going to be great.